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Is data a reflexive tool?

Excerpt form Does it Work? by Shane AtchinsonJason Burby

Is data a reflexive tool?

Most marketers look at data as a reflexive tool—a way to understand their current situation. They have dashboards populated with metrics: social media outreach, Twitter impressions, mobile map search results, and so on. While such things are useful, many marketers seem afraid that numbers will tell them they’re not doing their jobs well. With Does it Work?, data is nothing to be feared. Instead, you look at failed initiatives as learning opportunities. Every project enables you to understand your audience and their motivations better, even if the central learning is that you shouldn’t have done the project in the first place.

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"Excerpted with permission of the publisher, MCGraw-Hill Education, from Does it Work?, by Shane AtchinsonJason Burby.Copyright (c) 2015. All rights reserved."