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Marketing Book of the Year 2016

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Welcome to the competition of Marketing Book of the Year 2016.

Marketing Book of the Year is an organisation of M&SB and selects the best global Marketing Book of The Year. 

Votes are counted and the winner is now known.
Here's the result of the Marketing Book of the Year 2016 competition

Winner is
The Business of Choice - Matthew Willcox

Second place
The Storytelling Book - Anthony Tasgal

Third place
YouthNation - Matt Britton  

Fourth place:
Chief Customer Officer 2.0 - Jeanne Bliss

Fifth place
Rocket - M. J. Silverstein, D. Bolden, R. Jacobsen, R. Sajdeh

Congratulations to all 5 finalists and to Matthew Willcox in special.

We thank our Advisory Board for their votes and everyone who voted in the first round.

The competition is conducted in a four phase process.

  • Phase 1: M&SB selects the top 20 books published in the last year. 
  • Phase 2: All marketers across the globe are invited to vote on their favourite marketing book. This public voting will reduce the long list of 20 books into a finalist list of 5 books. Public voting is open from Jan 15 till Jan 31'st. 
  • Phase 3:  This phase involves our Advisory Board consisting of 15 International Marketing Executives. They will individually rank the short list of top 5 books into their personal top 5. 

  • Phase 4: After counting the individual votes from the Advisory Board, the winner will be announced around March 1'st. 


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