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Neuromarketing Strategies to Win the Battle at the Shelf

by Peter SteidlMay 2016

This book offers a different take on shopper marketing:  using insights from neuromarketing, it explores how the shopping brain works, and how these insights can be used to develop more effective shopper marketing strategies and tactics.  

Part 1 presents the neuromarketing foundation that modern shopper marketing is based on and outlines an easy to follow, eight step framework for developing effective shopper marketing strategies.  Part 2 adds colour with a collection of case examples designed to get your creative juices flowing when you are looking for big new shopper marketing ideas.  This book is for you if you want to develop a leading-edge shopper marketing capability or to review – and possibly update - your current shopper marketing practice.


Very useful!  Many books explain the science of behaviour change and decision making. This one shows you how to apply this knowledge to actual Shopper Marketing.  Great checklists help to make it very applicable.

Gesa Lischka, CEO and Head of Strategy, Kochstrasse Agentur fuer Marken, Hannover, Germany

This book focuses on the decisive point where the consumer buys – or doesn’t buy – your brand. It equips marketers with the tools to effectively leverage an understanding of how the shopper’s mind works at the point of purchase decision, bridging the gap between strategy and practice.

Paola Vargas Ballén, Consumer Insight Consultant, Colombia

Many books about shopper marketing treat the field as detached from the broader marketing focus, whereas this book embraces a more symbiotic view, which incorporates consumer and brand dimensions.

Peter Wilson, Director, koji, Australia


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