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Advocate Marketing

Strategies for Building Buzz, Leveraging Customer Satisfaction and Creating Relationships

by Barbara ThomasPearson / 224 pages / March 2016

Your customers are your best sales reps. Customer advocates proactively influence purchase decisions more effectively than you ever could on your own. Customers put their reputations on the line for you. Prospects and current customers listen to them. This leads to a single conclusion: You should engage and empower more customers and stakeholders to advocate on your behalf.

Advocate Marketing will show you how. Drawing on her pioneering experience and new research on B2B relationships, Barbara Thomas helps you build a force of customer advocates that magnifies the impact of all your sales and marketing efforts.

Thomas introduces the core principles of customer advocacy, showing how it offers value to both you and your customer. Next, she helps you find your best strategies, whatever your company’s size or industry. You’ll discover how to go beyond press releases and Net Promoter Scores to unleash powerful, sustained advocacy. Thomas’s multiple case studies make it real: They’re packed with innovative ideas, cautionary tales, and practical takeaways.

With customers’ help, you can eliminate barriers to sales, shorten sales cycles, and powerfully differentiate yourself where it matters most. What are you waiting for?

Today, engaging customer advocates is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available to you. Advocates provide third-party validation and positive relevance, build and protect brands, and create exceptionally influential content for marketing teams to leverage. Sales teams enjoy the benefits, too--via case studies, referrals, introductions, and assistance in securing renewals and new sales.

Advocate Marketing shows CMOs, business development leaders, customer success professionals, and sales executives exactly how to leverage this powerful approach. Barbara Thomas helps you make the business case, outlines the strategic requirements, and presents proven best practices.

Through new case studies, you’ll learn from recognized leaders including Intel, Citrix, Sirius Decisions, Influitive, Reputation Advocates, Royall & Company, and RO/Innovations. Most important, Thomas introduces a systematic, five-step strategy for leveraging this immense opportunity.

What others say about you carries far more weight than anything you can say about yourself. Advocate Marketing will help you transform that simple reality into a powerful competitive advantage.


•Build a complete strategic plan for advocate marketing
•Define best-practice program processes and policies
•Establish internal resources, teams, organizations, and budgets
•Choose and integrate the right technology and tools
•Establish and apply the right KPI metrics and analytics


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