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Driven to Delight


Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way

by Joseph A Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P.McGraw-Hill Professional / 304 pages / December 2015

Driven to Delight explores how Mercedes-Benz USA transformed itself into a best-in-class, customer-obsessed organization. It offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at CEO Steve Cannon and his leadership team's ambitious, multi-pronged strategy to elevate the company's customer experience to rival the world’s most customer-centric brands.

Leaders within Mercedes-Benz USA transformed operations and culture through their strategic vision to be "Driven to Delight." Filled with tools necessary to craft a compelling leadership's vision, Driven to Delight is a blueprint for how to tactically effect transformational change through people, process and technology. It will help you increase customer loyalty and give your customers a reason to refer others back to your business.


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