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Getting Digital Marketing Right


A Simplified Process For Business Growth, Goal Attainment, and Powerful Marketing

by David J. BradleyCreatespace / 220 pages / January 2015

You need your business grow and meet its goals over the next 12 months. You may have tried different marketing and sales tactics and met with different consultants, agencies, and potential hires. Still, there's still no clear answer... How can you maximize your return and meet your business goals, all while on a limited budget? If we had a corporate level, multimillion-dollar advertising campaign, this might be easy. But, we aren't in that position. Discover how to Grow Your Business and Attain Your Goals. It takes just two things for powerful marketing...

First of all, you need to know how to turn your digital presence into something useful, like leads or customers. To do this, you need a digital sales funnel in place - from top to bottom. These are the six stages of the Digital Sales Funnel:

Stage 1: Generate Demand
Stage 2: Capture Quality Leads
Stage 3: Nurture Leads
Stage 4: Convert Leads into Customers
Stage 5: Close, Deliver, & Satisfy
Stage 6: Referrals and Follow Up

But that alone doesn't mean much unless there's a clear purpose. To have a purpose, we need a strategy. Learn to Develop a Strategy with 5-Steps:

1. Where are you today?
2. Finding Your Ideal
3. Mapping Out Your Plan
4. Getting Your Hands Dirty
5. Recap & Review

Have you noticed we didn't say that you have to know how to do popular digital marketing tactics? Search engine optimization has backlinks to build and keywords to optimize for. Email lists have to be set up, connected to your website, and segmented based on the audience. Your website - well that might need to be coded from the ground up again. But we aren't going to worry about that. It isn't our job to know how to build a website, or do SEO, or any of that technical knowledge.

That's not what getting digital marketing right is about. We do want to know how these techniques will help us and if they make sense for our business. That's what we will figure out as we go through this book, examining our digital sales funnel and developing our strategy. What does it take to move us from today to our ideal future? The only way to get there is to know what that future ideal is, where we are today, and what plan will help us in that journey. Developing a strategy like this is exciting! Whether you call it online marketing, internet marketing, or digital marketing, it all comes down to this: we want a method we can leverage to grow our business and reach our goals. Digital marketing can be the way to grow your business and attain your goals. Digital marketing can be powerful marketing. You just need a digital sales funnel and a strategy.


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