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The Business of Choice


Marketing to Consumers' Instincts

by Matthew WillcoxPearson / 256 pages / March 2015

Winner Marketing Book of the Year 2016

Whatever your marketing or behavioral objective, you’ll be far more successful if you know how humans choose. Human intuitions and cognitive mechanisms have evolved over millions of years, but only now are marketers beginning to understand their impact on people’s decisions. The Business of Choice helps you apply new scientific insights to make your brand or target behavior the easiest, most instinctive choice.

Matthew Willcox integrates the latest research advances with his own extensive enterprise marketing experience at FCB’s Institute of Decision Making. Willcox explains why we humans often seem so irrational, how marketers can leverage the same evolutionary factors that helped humans prosper as a species, how to make decisions simpler for your consumers, and how to make them feel good about their choices, so that they continue to choose your brand or business.
Today, your customers face more choices than ever, through more channels, in a world that seems to move faster then ever. To successfully influence those choices, marketers need to understand how humans choose.

The work of thousands of decision science researchers around the world seeks to provide the answers to this. In The Business of Choice, Matthew Willcox makes sense of the science and helps you apply it to your own marketing and brand strategies.

Willcox illuminates how the brain’s decision-making systems have been evolving for millions of years, and shape consumer choices about everything from toothpaste to clothing to iPhones and retirement plans. You’ll discover how, even if the choices people make sometimes seem irrational, they make sense if seen through the lens of human nature. You’ll see how understanding this, and aligning your products and brands with the way humans naturally decide is the key to making your brand or business a natural choice.


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