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Proven Techniques and Powerful Applications from Industry Leaders

by Cesar A. BreaPearson / 256 pages / June 2014

Solid ideas and experiences, well-told, for executives who need higher returns from their analytic investments. Captures many best practices that are consistent with our own experiences at Bain & Company, helping clients develop actionable strategies that deliver sustainable results.” -Bob Bechek, Worldwide Managing Director, Bain & Company.

Marketing and Sales Analytics: Proven Techniques and Powerful Applications From Industry Leaders (Pearson FT Press, First Edition, July 2014) is for CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, and other senior executives who are building and applying analytics capabilities to maximize their business results.

Synthesizing the experiences of fifteen senior executives at leading multi-channel brands across a variety of industries, including retail, media, financial services, education, and health care, it provides a framework and specific advice for guiding these efforts.

The book's central theme: getting full value from analytics is much more about establishing ecosystemic conditions -- strategic alignment, access to data, operational flexibility, and an analytic marketer mindset -- as it is about the brilliance or sophistication of any analyst, tool, or insight.

With both practical lessons and tips to apply, as well as a rich collection of examples and stories from the vanguard of this fast-evolving field, Marketing and Sales Analytics is a plain-speaking  guide to fully realizing the exciting possibilities at hand.


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