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A model to master digital disruption

by Jo Caudron & Dado Van PeteghemLannoo Campus / 201 pages / October 2014

Digital and online services are evolving at an unseen speed. After 20 years of online activity, digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we live, work and play. And this is merely the beginning. We cannot imagine what’s coming at us in the next few decades. Exciting, but all of these evolutions have a huge impact on our lives and ultimately on the way we do business. Digital is disruptive.

Unfortunately, several industries and companies didn’t anticipate the digital disruption and “lost the game” along the way. Think about the music industry, the classifieds business, print-photography (Kodak),… meanwhile the next wave is happening in front of our eyes. Industries that are currently transforming at high speed include media, retail, healthcare, pharma, finance, recruitment, communication,… but most companies lack a solid plan of ‘defense’ to cope with the digital transformation, and they are running out of time. Big tech players like GoogleAmazon and Apple are dictating their own universal rules and new challengers like UberNest (acquired by Google), TeslaAirBnB and others are disrupting one industry after the other.

In order to stay ahead of these players and to keep up with the transformations in the market, traditional businesses need to get prepared in a structural way.

In the age of the customer, Forrester CEO @gcolony argues that CEOs must master digital transformation of business

— Forrester Research (@forrester) 10 january 2014

We have reached a stage where ‘digital’ and ‘online’ are no longer a gimmick at the sidelines of the business activities. Digital is transforming the very essence of business. It moved from the sidelines to the core, from online tactics to business strategy.

A book on digital transformation to understand and act upon disruption…

Because disruption is happening so fast, we believe that the time is now for organizations to transform their businesses for the digital age. During the past few years we have helped many organizations to get ready for the digital evolution on a strategic level. We have set up a methodology called ‘Digital Transformation Modeling’ in order to…

  • … clarify the possible impact of digital on the business activities of an organization.
  • … create future scenarios for an organization in the digital age.
  • … create new business cases and (best) practices.

This book is available online for purchase at :


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