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Power Up Your Brand to Dominate Your Market, Crush Your Competition & Win in the Digital Age

by Gal S. BorensteinProtocol House Publishing / 172 pages / September 2014

Fact: Studies show that companies that have better alignment on their digital strategy, achieve better financial performance and customer retention, than their peers. Yet, less than HALF of surveyed C-Suite executives understand the role of DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT and have effective strategies in place. Some fear change. Some fear displacement. But most simply don't know how it actually generate ROI. If you are one of those, this book is for you. Anybody who wants to win the future must learn to build their personal and company brand with digital media. With compelling stories and expert guidance, Activate! provides a blueprint for online success.

The book ACTIVATE! is a call to digital arms - and just what many business leaders need to win in today's evolving, competitive landscape in the Age of Digital. A true digital warrior and champion of established and emerging leaders, Gal Borenstein presents not just "what you need to know" but "why you need to do it now," in one quick read. This book will give you the courage to embrace the digital groundswell and successfully establish your brand. Do so now; before someone else defines you! Activate! is written in plain english to help executives on Main Street gain a firm grasp on critical issues that impact their bottom line and growth, such as: Personal & Corporate Brand reputation, Digital Comms in today's Corporate Culture, Online Reputation Management, Social Media, Employer Branding, Marketing Intelligence & Automation, and Gamification.

The book features exclusive insights from America's top communicators who were exclusively interviewed for this book by Gal Borenstein. Insights feature experts from DELL, DUN & BRADSTREET, ADOBE, SALESFORCE.COM, KIIP, CELERITY, CA TECHNOLOGIES AND BMC SOFTWARE.


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