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Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands on Learning 

by Rajkumar Venkatesan, Paul W. Farris, Ronald T. WilcoxPearson / 320 pages / June 2014

This is today's most complete and practical guide to modern marketing analytics methods and tools. Through real case studies, you'll learn how to connect marketing inputs to customer behavior, use predictive models to develop forward-looking, what-if scenarios, and effectively apply analytics to strategic decision making in marketing.

Covering the three core areas of marketing analytics — statistical analysis, experiments, and managerial intuition — the book is organized to help you apply the right analytics processes to each strategic marketing question. For each challenge, the authors fully describe the needed methodology, illuminating it with case studies that show the appropriate quantitative and data analysis tools at work.


Each chapter mirrors a module within a typical masters-level Marketing Analytics course. For each marketing problem, the authors help you: 

  • Identify the right data and analytics techniques
  • Conduct the analysis and obtain insights from it
  • Outline what-if scenarios and define optimal solutions
  • Connect your insights to strategic marketing decisions

As you proceed, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of: 

  • The importance of marketing analytics for forward-looking and systematic allocation of marketing resources
  • How to integrate quantitative analysis with managerial sensibility
  • How to conduct strategic marketing data analysis via linear regression, logistic regression, cluster analysis, and Anova models
  • The role of careful experimental design in marketing analytics and resource allocation

Each chapter contains technical notes that provide the statistical knowledge you'll need to conduct the analysis, paired with case studies of real companies addressing marketing issues, and real data you can use to apply the concepts and perform the analysis yourself.



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