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Drucker on Marketing


Lessons from the World's Most Influential Business Thinker

by William A. CohenMcGraw-Hill Professional / 288 pages / September 2012

Considered the single most important thought leader in the world of management, Peter Drucker had an equally significant influence on the discipline of marketing. Although he didn't approach marketing with the same systematic rigor he reserved for management, Druckeraddressed the topic in detail in his wellknown treatises on the roles of profitability and leadership, the importance of innovation, and the need to seize new opportunities.

Drucker on Marketing is the first comprehensivelook at the marketing wisdom of one of modern history's most influential business thinkers.
A former student of Peter Drucker, William Cohen has sifted through Drucker's huge body of work, singled out hismost salient ideas on marketing, and constructedthem into a framework that not only outlines Drucker's marketing philosophy but provides practical advice onhow to achieve marketing goals in today's business setting. The book is organized into five thematic sections:

  • The Ascendancy of Marketing
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Drucker's Marketing Strategy
  • New Product and Service Introduction
  • Drucker's Unique Marketing Insights

For Drucker, profitability should not be the main focus of a business. The customer should be; the market should be. He didn't consider marketing as one of many tools to generate profits. Rather, he viewed marketing as the driving force of business, a philosophy for defining andcapturing the most enriching customer opportunities.

"Bill Cohen has done us a wonderful service by faithfully combing through Peter Drucker's vast writings and weaving together Peter's thoughts on marketing. This has never been done before."
Philip Kotler, from the Foreword.

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