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How Cool Brands Stay Hot


Branding to Generation Y

by Joeri Van den Bergh, Matthias BehrerKogan Page / 272 pages / February 2011

Generation Y (13-29 year olds) are the most marketing savvy and advertising critical generation ever. Three times the size of the previous Generation X, they have a much bigger impact on society and business. But what drives this generation and how do you develop the right brand strategies to reach this critical generation.

How Cool Brands Stay Hot reveals what drives Generation Y and how you can reach them. Based on five years of intensive new youth research by InSites Consulting, it provides insights into the consumer psychology and behaviour of ‘the Millennials'. It will help you to connect with this new generation of consumers by understanding their likes and dislikes, and how you can make your advertising, marketing and branding relevant to them.Full of case studies and interviews with global marketing executives of successful brands such as Jack & Jones, Nokia, H&M, Nike, Levis and Coca-Cola.Read here what other people said about the book.

How Cool Brands Stay Hot also won the ‘Marketing Book of the Year 2011′ Award. A professional and international jury nominated it as one of the 10 best books of 2011. Afterwards 2.153 marketers from 85 countries voted it as best marketing book of the past year.    


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EMM 0 - Q4, 2012

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