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Chuck Wall

Chuck Wall is the founder of Customer CEO, the customer thinking company. Customer CEO teaches companies how to profit by engaging the power of their customers through insightful customer research and customer focused marketing. Customer CEO also delivers both online and live executive education events to help companies discover how to better engage their customers.

Chuck believes that the most important business opportunity for most companies is hidden in plain sight: knowing their customer. Companies that truly understand their customers increase revenue, grow market share, save money, strengthen relationships and drive profit. Chuck speaks and writes about what he calls "customer thinking." Customer thinking is the process where companies merge big data with big insight in order to gain the "big picture" perspective about how to best help customers accomplish the jobs they need to get done. He's an expert in understanding the unmet needs of customers, having interviewed and surveyed over 100,000 of them. Chuck's book, Customer CEO: How to Profit from The Power of Your Customers (Bibliomotion) will be published in the spring of 2013.

Chuck is a serial entrepreneur, with a deep understanding of business, entrepreneurship, strategy and marketing. Prior to launching Customer CEO, he started seven other enterprises across multiple industries including manufacturing, media, technology, marketing, and insurance.

Chuck speaks and leads workshops frequently for companies, business groups and organizations about customer insight, innovation, business growth strategy, business model innovation, branding, marketing and contemporary storytelling.

Chuck is active in non-profit work. The Governor of Texas appointed him to serve as a board member of OneStar Foundation, which promotes volunteerism throughout the state.

Chuck is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and lives in Austin, Texas.