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Peter Fisk

Peter Fisk is a bestselling author, inspirational keynote speaker and expert consultant in helping leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. He is Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Marketing at IE Business School, one of the world’s top ranked business schools, and leads his own company, GeniusWorks, a boutique consulting firm, helping clients around the world to develop more innovative business and brand strategies.

He features on the Thinkers 50 “Guru Radar” as one of the best new business thinkers. Having trained as a nuclear physicist, Peter moved to managing brands like Concorde at British Airways, helping Microsoft to adopt a value-based marketing model, and Virgin to launch into new markets. He has worked in every sector and region of the world.

As CEO of the world's largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he became a global authority on what's best and next in business and markets. Finding his own space, he founded GeniusWorks, with offices in London, Istanbul and Dubai. He now works with the leaders of businesses - as diverse as Aeroflot and Coca Cola, HSBC and Red Bull,Tata and Virgin,Visa and Vodafone - to think bigger and smarter, develop innovative strategies, bolder brands, and accelerate growth.

Peter’s best-selling book "Marketing Genius" explores the left and right-brain challenges of success, and is translated into 35 languages. It was followed by five others – “Business Genius” on leadership and strategy,“Customer Genius” on customers and experiences,“People Planet Profit” on sustainable innovation - and most recently "Creative Genius" defining what it takes to be Leonardo da Vinci in the 21 Century. 

His new book "Gamechangers ... Are you ready to change the world?" is published in late 2014, based on extensive research into the 120 companies who are shaking up markets, and making sense of how they innovate and win. It explores the challenges of new markets, changing customers, brand building, digital media, new business models, inspiring leadership and positive impact.

Peter was described by Business Strategy Journal as "one of the best new business thinkers". He is thoughtful and practical, combining high-energy keynotes with high- impact workshops. Each one is uniquely designed for the specific audience, their issues and aspirations. Helping people to find their own space, to be leaders of change - to be bold, brave and brilliant.

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